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FIJIE SM company promotes innovative products for Anti-age cosmetology on the Russian market.
NOVACUTAN is the first injectable exoprotector of focal exposure. The high effectiveness and anti-aging effect of NOVACUTAN products is due to the combination of actions on endogenous and exogenous aging, which allows you to achieve significant skin-lifting, skin radiance, and a tightened face oval. The product is an injectable sunblock and eliminates the appearance of "dark" circles under the eyes.
NOVACUTAN FBio is a biofiller for face contouring based on modern technology of stabilization and sterilization, which has 5 unique properties:

  • BIO-Plasticity;
  • BIO-Compatibility
  • BIO - Osmolarity
  • BIO-Homogeneity
  • BIO-Safety.

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