Instru-Med, LLC

195112, Saint-Petersburg, Tverskaya str., 1, liter A, off. 30-H

Tel.: +7 921 183 28 28

        +7 960 267 81 17


Instru-Med Company offers you high-technology equipment for plastic surgery. For the moment we have systems and machines for piezo-rhinoplasty, power-assisted liposuction and high-volume precision pump for lipofilling, cannulas for liposuction and lipofilling.

Instru-Med Company is official representative in Russia of Piezotome from Acteon Company, High-Volume Precision System from Wells Johnson Company, Power Assisted Liposuction System from Microaire Company and others.

The aim of Instru-Med Company is to gather optimal and innovative technical equipment, that is tested by world famous plastic surgeons and offer it to you.

The list of medical equipment is constantly expanding.

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