121087, Moscow
Barclay str., 6, bld. 5, off.107
Tel.: +7 495 287 46 45

The LLC NIKE-MED founded in 1996 is the largest distributor in the market of aesthetic medicine. The company has more than 50 representative offices in Russia and neighboring countries.
The company uses the most promising innovative technologies and introduces new high-tech products and methods of medical products application in cosmetology, plastic surgery, and medicine (neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, urology, gynecology, dentistry, ophthalmology, etc.) to the Russian market.

The company's portfolio includes the following brands:

  • EUROSILICONE and NAGOR breast and body implants;
  • BODY-JET liposuction and fat grafting machine;
  • LIPOELASTIC compression garments;
  • LANTOX botulinum toxin type A;
  • PLINEST and PLINEST Fast polynucleotide products and IALEST (non-crosslinked HA) by Mastelli;
  • I-STEM, Y-STEM 2 PRP systems;
  • AQUALYX local adiposities treatment;
  • RECARTIL viscosupplement;
  • MAGIC LIFT VITALITY PLA resorbable threads;
  • MAGIC LIFT GOLD non-resorbable golden thread;
  • MAGIC LIFT INTIMATE RENEWAL resorbable vaginal threads;
  • RENEALL SECRET LIFE and PROACTIVE fillers for aesthetic gynecology;
  • COLAGENOX (collagen precursor) and HYALUROX (hyaluronic acid precursor) dietary supplements.

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