Where will the event take place?
Pirogovskaya emb., 5/2, Hotel «Saint Petersburg», Saint Petersburg, Russia
Is an online broadcast in plan? Can I participate remotely?
The Congress will have an online broadcasting in real time on a virtual platform here: https://spbcongress.com/.
How do I sign up for the event?
You can sign up on the website: https://spbcongress.com/.in the section Registration.
How do I pay for participation?
For individuals:
Step 1. Fill out the registration form.
Step 2. Choose a congress-package.
Step 3. Pay by credit card.
Step 4. A confirmation of your payment will be sent to your email (specified during registration).

For legal entities:
For all questions about payment and participation you should text on email:
Is there a preferential participation?
Yes. We have preferences for resident doctors, internal Ph.D. students.
Can I change my participation from online to offline?
No. Pay the attention! In accordance with the requirements of Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights about partial filling halls number of seats is limited.
How can I get accounting paperwork (formal note and invoice)?
You can get the closing documents at the registration counter on days of the event. About all other questions you can text on email: info@spbcongress.com
How can I find out the latest news about the Congress?
All news and changes are publishing on the Congress website https://spbcongress.com/ in new sections. Organizing committee regularly sent emails about news and changes on the website, about new options and warnings of deadlines for payment.
How can I find out the schedule of the Congress?
More information about the schedule you can see on the Congress website https://spbcongress.com/ in section Programm.
Who can I contact for more information?
If you can't find any information on the website https://spbcongress.com/ text us on the email: info@spbcongress.com or call: +7 (921) 358-90-44
Can I use different devices for connection?
The online event platform is available on any device.
What are the requirements for my Internet connection?
The required Internet connection speed for comfortable viewing of the broadcast is from 10 Mb / s. Internet Explorer does not support streaming, you should use other browsers (Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Firefox, Safari).
I entered the congress player, but nothing happens.
The virtual hall starts its work one hour before the congress and continues to work until the end of the broadcast.
Broadcast image freezes / broadcast interference. What should I do?
  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. Close the browser and click the access link again
  3. Refresh the page:
    - Cmnd + R for Mac
    - Ctrl + F5 for other computers
Can I expand the broadcast window to full screen?
You can do this by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper left corner of the broadcast window. Please note that pop-up windows are not visible on mobile devices or computers in full-screen mode!
What should I do if I have any problems or questions?
Please send technical questions to the live chat or to the email info@spbcongress.com

Questions to the speaker or chairperson of the congress should be sent to the live chat.
Where can I watch the broadcast recording?
The recording of the congress will be available on the website https://spbcongress.com/ after processing the materials for 6 months.
in the Congress: info@spbcongress.com
in the exhibition: exhibition@spbcongress.com
Questions related to participation:
Contacts of the organizing committee:
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