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Pavlov University
- these are rich historical traditions and authoritative scientific schools, a large clinical base, and one of the leading Russian medical research centers. For more than a century, we have been contributing to the development of medicine and the maintenance of public health. We train highly qualified specialists, improve diagnostic and treatment methods, and develop new technologies. The university has 75 departments, more than 10 research institutes and centers, and dozens of clinics and inter-clinical units, including its own emergency department, maternity department, polyclinic, blood transfusion department, and much more.

The University staff – today it consists of hundreds of teachers, doctors, scientists-directs its efforts to follow the best traditions of the Russian medical school, to ensure high standards of education and quality of treatment, and, most importantly, to preserve and pass on to future generations of doctors the great humanistic character and meaning of the medical profession.
RSPRAS is an all-Russian public organization that unites representatives of various surgical specialties, whose scientific and practical activities are related to plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, as well as representatives of other medical and non-medical specialties, whose activities are also related to plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
IMCAS congresses
IMCAS congresses are medical research conferences focused on providing plastic surgeons and dermatologists with the latest academic and industry updates for their professional progress in the aesthetic field.
The primary objective is to build a bridge between aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology, reinforcing knowledge in each field as well as the areas of study in the junction of the two fields.
Each and every edition is dedicated to the interdisciplinary research of plastic surgery and dermatology, with a scientific program built to bring the highest quality of education to our attendees.
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